Grab Your Own Original Smartwatch for As Low as ₦9,630 

No extra hidden costs. Pay less with return warranty even if it does not work. It works great for both iPhone & Android.

Before you place order, read the information below very well

These prices are twice the cost in Nigeria

The only difference is that you are getting it at a wholesale price
This is T900 Pro Max which we are selling for ₦9630. We are not just selling it cheaper but we also guarantee you that it is the original model and you are entitled for a replacement if it does not work. Your money is safe with us.

Other smartwatches listed above are currently not in Nigerian market.


This is T500 model from Konga. It is not even T500 Pro nor T500 Pro Plus. T500 Pro Max comes with a wireless charger, great user interface and with an extraordinary design that will blow your mind for only ₦12,500. The battery capacity is top notch.

This model is incredibly unique. It is basically 2 in 1. It serves the function of a wristwatch with Rolex design model and a smartwatch function.

This is T500 Pro Max. It has iWatch 7 design with an extra layer which serves as a body protector against fall. 

You can use Your Picture as Wallpaper ON  T500 PRO MAX & AW12 ROLEXY 😍

That is one interesting feature about these smartwatches is that you can use your picture as the wallpaper or screen saver for your smartwatch. It is very simple to do. It works both in iPhone and Android. No matter what version of phone you are using.

How do I Place order?

To place order, click on any of the smartwatches below. The price will return to normal.