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Starting your own Brand
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What's OEM.ODM?

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. ODM means original design manufacturer. Both OEM & ODM are manufacturers that supply materials for businesses in both small and large scales.

But their singular difference is in their mode of production. Original equipment manufacturing, OEM are in products that are fully designed, by a company or a business (the components, materials, dimensions to be used in the production are all decided by that business) and then, licensed out to a manufacturer to produce. In this way, the designs and the finished products are patented only to one company. No other company has an access to reuse the designs, looks of that product.  

The difference is seen in Original design manufacturing, ODM – products that are already designed and ready to be reused by any business or company. You only need to recreate your packaging and branding. You don’t need to think over designing from scratch, instead you use the prototypes that are already available. 

What does it mean?

It is very easy to spot a Mercedes Benz car or a Rolls Royce at a 500 meters distance. Same happens to an iPhone, Samsung phone, Nike sneakers, Rolex, Jacob & Co watch; you can easily spot them. Why? because of their significant and unique designs.

Small businesses leverage on ODM because it offers a less start-up capital, price control, less headache and a quicker production. Almost all Android smartphone, gadgets manufacturers leverage on ODM. That is one of the reasons why you see similar smartphones, electronics and gadgets (Bluetooth speakers, TV, refrigerators, printers etc) with the singular difference on brand names or colours.

What's Private Labelling?

Private labelling is an extension of ODM. Here, a small business asks a supplier in China, a notable brand or anywhere in the world to produce a product (s) under his name or business name.

One may decide to start building a POS machine company. The best option is to get to the right ODM company and provide them with a brand name to be printed as the POS name (say QuickCash for an instance) and the type of packaging to use. The minimum production may be around 50 pieces and above depending on the manufacturers. Now, you begin to employ agents & distributors nationwide. You just kickstart your own company.

That is simply the concept of ODM and private labelling (white labelling),

private labelling zuraaya

What can we do for you?

If you’re looking forward to starting your own private company from scratch (designing your products to production), a private label business or running a customization project for schools, NGOs, government etc, then we have a lot to provide for you. With confidence, we boast of our competence without pride in serving you better.

Our service starts from understanding your interests first which helps us to channel our expertise on how best to work with you. We can then proceed to determining your budget, production goals – OEM, ODM, Private labelling or customization. Here, we have a simplified and transparent workflow; you get all your documents including taxes and import duties depending on countries.

Having had more than 4 years in outsourcing products from China, we are at a confident position to know reliable shipping companies that can give you a worry-free shipping experience.

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