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Two ways to buy from AliExpress, Alibaba in Nigeria

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Around March 2022, CBN together with almost all commercial banks in Nigeria cut dollar spend on Naira card on all international transaction to $20 monthly or zero. This limit has made it unable to buy from AliExpress in Nigeria using the Naira card.

You are only left with the option of getting a domiciliary account or a dollar card in order to buy from AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay and any international ecommerce platform.

How to buy from AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay

  1. Using Domiciliary account (Dollar account)
  2. Zuraaya Personal Shopping
Using Domiciliary account (Dollar account)

Domiciliary account is a Nigerian bank account type that is designated in the dollars. With this account, someone can send money to you from abroad. You just withdraw your dollar over the counter.

Almost all commercial banks (if not all) offer domiciliary account opening. In order to use this account to pay online, you need to get the ATM card same way a conventional Naira account would require a master, visa or verve card for local POS transaction.

To get the dollar card, you may need to pay 1000 NGN as the card fee and a corresponding $20 annual maintenance fee relative to banks.

How easy is it with getting a Nigerian Domiciliary account?

It could be easy relative to the individual opening the account. One of the major challenges in opening a Nigerian domiciliary account is in getting two references from domiciliary account holders or current account holders.

In a case where you have none, you’re definitely limited. If you were able to get references then the next consideration is how to get dollar to make payment.

Can I buy dollar from Nigerian bank?

Answer: No

Can I fund my dollar using my Naira balance in my account?

Answer: No

How do I fund my domiciliary account?

Answer: You either need someone to send money to your account abroad or in Nigeria or you need to buy your dollar from the Bureau de change (referred to as the Aboki dollar)

Should I use the Google dollar rate to buy dollar from bureau de change?

Answer: No. You will buy using their own rate not Google rate. Google rate may say 444 per dollar but bureau de change would say 745 per dollar. That is a whole 301 Naira difference.

So, do these really worth all the stress?

To me, No. At the end of the day, you keep spending more than you planned.

Zuraaya Personal Shopping

Zuraaya is a platform to ease the purchasing stress from international platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay. It is a simplified international buying solution. It only not make buying easy but it also splits off costs thereby making you save 20% – 50% from what you have spent using domiciliary account.

It is not a bluff.

How does Zuraaya works?

Zuraaya may work in two ways for you although they all serve the same purpose of saving cost and ease.

Personal Shopping with Zuraaya

Here, simply tell us what you need either through picture or video and we will get it for you as soon as possible. The delivery rate is almost 100%.

You need a pair of shoe, handbags, sneakers, wardrobe upgrade; we got your back. Cost effective 20% at least and fast delivery time at most 10 days.

Browsing our Catalogue

We have list of items in our catalogue. These are updated everyday. If what you need is not in our store, let us know so we can work with you as soon as possble.

Guess what? Shopping with Zuraaya is 100% guaranteed. We accept returns and refunds. Take a look at our refund policy here.

So, do these really matter as compared to the former?

I guess I should let you candidly decide. To work with us, send us a WhatsApp message via 2348100230953. Our service extends to countries like Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe.

Let us know know what you think in the comment section.

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