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What are the Best AliExpress Alternatives in China?

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AliExpress is a Chinese based international ecommerce platform that sells considerably cheaper than most products on Amazon, Ebay etc. In order to consider the best AliExpress alternatives, we have to pen down some things

They include

  1. The variations of available products
  2. The cost of the items being sold
  3. The shipping costs and
  4. The buyer protection

AliExpress offers a flexible cost on items depending on the vendors. The platform is a multi-vendor store. It has thousands of sellers and multi-millions of products in inventory.

In addition, AliExpress offer quite a seemless shipping cost including free shipping. Most times, the free shipping without tracking is a risk. The buyer is also offered the chance for a refund from items they did not receive. Perhaps, it could be as a result of deferred non trackable shipping.

Lists of AliExpress Alternatives in China


These platforms are chinese based and almost all of them are B2C – Business to customer/retail. and

They share some similarities. These online stores are written in Chinese. That means to buy from them as non native Chinese speaker, you need a translator. There is no Enlgish version.

In order to translate the website, you need to use a web browser that can translate the pages. Sometimes, you may get a poorly translated pages. Taobao and Pinduoduo are Chinese local platforms.

You need to have an agent in China that can help you to make payment, and handle the shipping on your behalf. They do not offer international shipping.

They offer even more cheaper item than on AliExpress, refunds on items (7-14 days return policy) and minimum to zero local shipping costs.

The only challenges with Taobao and Pinduoduo are the language barrier and no international shipping. It becomes difficult to talk with the sellers.

You will risk losing your items when what was received is not exactly what you paid for. In some cases, the sellers can send wrong items or incomplete items.

Lightinthebox and Banggood

These two AliExpress alternatives share some similarities. Their most similarities are

  • They are private retail companies
  • They are solely managed by one person, not multi-vendor platform like AliExpress
  • They deal mostly on trending products ranging from electronics to clothings but more of electronics and home equipment.
  • They have a centralized customer service
  • Their prices are a bit higher or almost the same with AliExpress

But you are sure of picking a hot and trending products from the platform. This is ideal when you are looking for product ideas for dropshipping. You can make payment with your cards, PayPal.,, and

These are popular AliExpress alternatives. They all share the same similarities as AliExpress. You can easily compare prices between AliExpress and DHgate or AliExpress and JD. is the most popular of these platforms, even popular than AliExpress.

You can consider which seller to buy from the seller’s rating, the number of orders sold. They offer faster shipping option like epacket. They have thousands of sellers to pick from.

The shipping time has an average duration of 14 to 18 days depending on the destination country. You can make payment with your cards.


Zuraaya offers you a personalized shopping experience. Its major driver is in building confidence in the customer’s buying journey.

Zuraaya has its main market for African buyers. Unlike AliExpress and other alternatives above, Zuraaya sells handpicked items so you don’t have to be skeptical of which seller to buy from.

All the products listed on the website are supervised in order to offer its customers a good experience. Buyers enjoy a non condional after sale service. You get refunded for a product that doesn’t satisfy customer expectations.

The costs of the products are cheaper than those in AliExpress and shipping duration is faster.


Which of these AliExpress alternatives would you consider in your next purchase? is most popular. But if you are shipping to Africa, the shipping time may delay. 18-20 days. If you need a faster shipping, it may cost more. Taobao and Pinduoduo are way cheaper than any other alternatives but the most challenge is in the quality of the products. Writing from experience and not emotion, you stand at a risk when you’re buying a clothing together with the stress that comes with it.

Zuraaya may be your solution. It solves all the challenges any of these other AliExpress alternatives face. They include

  • Responsive customer service
  • Cheaper items than AliExpress, no hidden charges
  • High quality and handpicked items
  • Fast shipping 7-10 days in almost all countries in Africa
  • Buyer protection – there is no third parties unlike AliExpress where you’re left to settle with the seller. Everything is handled by the team at Zuraaya.

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